Midway Commercial, Karachi


Midway Commercial, Karachi

Midway Commercial Bahria Town Karachi has been launched in 2014 and with no doubts is one of the most lucrative commercial projects which has redefined the concept of commercial spaces in Pakistan.

Midway Commercial area is located right next to International Theme Park and Bahria Town Head Office, just along Precinct 4, Precicnt 6 and Precinct 9.

There are two blocks of Midway Commercial namely Block A and Block B.

Block A starts after the Theme Park whereas Block B starts after the Head Office of Bahria Town Karachi.

In Midway Commercials, there are 125 Sq. ft Commercial plots. Two or more adjoining plots may be acquired and merged together depending upon the development requirements of the investors / businesses.


  • Ground +06 floors can be built on limited-size commercial parcels of land, but
  • Ground +08 floors can be built on larger commercial parcels of land available in Midway Commercials as per Advertisements by Bahria Town Administration.

Midway Commercial prices have significantly increased over the period of time. Plot prices vary based on:


  • location e.g. facing Main Roads, Parks etc.
  • Change in Demand
  • Speedy of development in Midway Commercial
  • Valuation of Return on Investment

Midway Commercial provides you with the best investment opportunity. Location is ideal for any kind of commercial activity and it has already been turned into a commercial hub in Bahria Town Karachi. From investment point of view Midway Commercial is a great opportunity for all sorts of investors and businesses who: 


  • Just want to buy the commercial land and get benefit from gain on the re-sale of the land in near future.
  • want to develop and then sale the developed commercial property in the form of offices, shops etc.
  • Simply want to develop the commercial property and need to get long term benefits by renting out the developed shops, offices etc.
  • Want to develop the commercial property for ones own business in Midway Commercial.